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How It All Started...

In the Fall of 2010,  I had been coaching my rec team, The Storm, in the  Frisco Soccer Association for a little more than two years and I felt that we were ready to move to the next level of competition.  With some great encouragement from my family and player parents, I decided to move forward.  Right away, the Storm parents started recruiting their daughter's friends and within a period of two weeks we  were able to add 2 rec players from the Pink Ladies and 2 rec players from the Thunder.  Then, we  rounded out our roster with 2 former TFC academy players to form our first team, FC Frisco Storm 99G.  Our first Fall season in the Plano Premiere League was challenging as we had to adjust to the speed and physicality of the game, but our team was resilient.  By the Spring season, we were holding our own and beating teams from established clubs in league play and tournaments.

Our team credo has always been "Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Together"!  Every time these girls stepped onto the field together, they competed fiercely because they loved each other and they knew that the only way we could continue to be successful was to always play for each other.  That is what we are about.  No one player is better than the rest because we all compete for one thing...and that is to become champions together.

Unfortunately, time changes everything.  So after four years of constantly being together, the 99G Storm team decided to disband and pursue other interests. However, despite the team splitting up, there were several girls that still wanted to continue playing competitive soccer. Because of this, I brought them over to Eddy Kovariks's Dallas Rush team, where they brought the same intensity and passion to compete along-side their new teammates and helped lead them to an exceptional record in Plano Premiere D1.  In the 2015-2016 season, Eddy brought the team back home to FC Frisco Storm, to which they then qualified for and competed in Division 3 of the Lake Highland Girls Classic League.  They played at this elite level for two consecutive seasons until December 2016 when they decided to retire as club soccer players and place their focus on their future college endeavors.

The 99G Storm players have grown up to be such outstanding young ladies and have so many accomplishments to be proud of.   A shining example of this is when several of them were part of the Centennial High School girls soccer team that won the State Championship in 2016.  Also, many of these girls will be graduating with honors from high school and have already received academic and athletic scholarships to attend the college of their dreams.   Most importantly, their futures are bright because they have been instilled with incredible work ethic, excellent discipline, and have the loving support from their families (including their Storm family) needed to reach for the stars!  

To My Stormies:

Good luck girls...I will miss you dearly and always cherish the great memories that we had.  I know that from time-to-time I would exclaim in frustration that "You Are Killing Me!" ;););) but in reality, I treasured every single moment that we shared because you made me strive for excellence just like you always did.  Regardless of how you played, I was constantly in my happy place when we were all out there together.

I am extremely proud of every single player that I have had the privilege to coach.  Even if we don't really speak anymore due to our busy lives, just know that I still think about every one of you and often wonder how you are doing.   So, whenever you are in town, give your old coach a shout so that we can catch up and you can tell me all about your college adventures.  I can't wait to hear from you.  God Bless! 


Coach Ernesto